We stock a wide range of hands free kits from universal Bluetooth kits that will work with any compatible phone through to wired in, phone specific kits that come with a charging cradle. We can help you choose the kit that matches your needs and budget. We offer a full installation service of these kits.
For kits that include phone caddies we offer dashboard mounts that require no drilling of the dashboard making it possible to remove the kit at a later date and leave no trace.

Communications on the move are now a part of everybody's daily routine. Using a mobile phone in hand while driving cannot only jeopardise safety but after 27th February 2007, it is now a Road Traffic offence which carries a �60 fine along with 3 penalty points on your licence.

Installing a professional hands free kit to your vehicle solves this problem. Neil Harrod Ltd supply and install a full range of hands free mobile phone solutions, including our own designed and manufactured steering control interface which provides control of Nokia and Parrot Bluetooth hands free kits via the phone steering controls found on BMW , Mercedes , Audi , VW , Seat and Skoda vehicles.

Kits are available for most modern mobile phones and as well as enabling conversation without having to take your hands off the wheel, improved reception is gained via a boosted signal. Most kits require the use of an additional aerial. A wide variety of phone aerials are available including unobtrusive windscreen mount aerials, Tax Disc style aerials and glass mount 'whip' type.

Installation to the vehicle can be tailored to the customer's requirements, with a variety of mounting options available to choose from. These include the use of cleverly designed 'smart-clips' which are custom produced for individual vehicle models. This accessory allows the phone kit to be mounted securely within the interior of the vehicle without causing damage to trims or dashboards.

Don't worry about investing in a phone kit and having to buy another when you change your car, kits can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle as required.

Advancements in mobile phone technology are also present in the latest hands free systems. Models boasting 'Blue-Tooth' technology offer the convenience of hands free operation without the use of a dash mounted cradle or earpiece. Most kits also feature audio muting during a call.