We offer the full range of Air Conditioning services to ensure you can keep cool and fresh on those scorching summer days.


One of the more common reasons why Air Conditioning systems stop working is that all the refrigerant has leaked out. This can be down to a leak that would need repairing or simply through natural seepage over a long period of time.

We are able to recharge all types of vehicle Air Conditioning systems. We are one of the few garages able to recharge pre-1993 cars with the much safer R12 Replacement gas.

Bacterial Decontamination

Like all Air Conditioning systems vehicle systems can build up bacteria in them. These can cause nasty smells in your car but can also endanger your health. We are able to flush out your Air Conditioning system to remove these bacteria to keep your car smelling fresh and you healthy.

Maintenance and Repairs

Like every other part of your car the Air Conditioning can breakdown and need repairs and maintenance. We can offer complete diagnosis, advice, repair and recharge for any type of Air Conditioning problem.